Yupward Bound

Working late all friday night
somehow somethings just not right
tuition costs, and books too high
I have to work to just get by

My eyes are burning, my head feels thick
body’s aching, tired. sick
I’m a part-time student in the working class
Sixty hours and dragging ass

I go to school, to work, to bed
study till I’m near brain dead
glassy eyed in 101
isn’t adult college fun

Seven workdays to my week
never feeling at my peak
Twelve hour shifts, then go to school
I try to think, but only drool

God I’ve got to get some rest
but I need to study for a test
If I die from lack of sleep
sell my textbooks all real cheap

So this is upward mobility
feels more like suicide to me
dark black circles ’round my eyes
if this’s success, its in disguise

but I’ll still make my class on time
pretend I’m freshly in my prime
but you and I, well, we both know
I’m getting old and moving slow

And if I ever graduate
you bet your ass I’ll celebrate
quit this job wave bye and smile
sleep all week then live in style

September 15th 1990

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