Voices Inside

when you’re alone, is there a time
when you are feeling you’re out of your mind
don’t be afraid friend, someday you’ll know
voices inside of your head come and go

sometimes they’ll warn you of things that are wrong
or maybe they’ll tell you where you belong
ask them a question, they never reply
because they’re your own mind asking you why

why do you punish yourself when you see
that you’re only human, perfection can’t be
mistakes teach a lesson but don’t make you learn
you’re your own teacher, no one’s concern

Oh, they might make faces or laugh while they talk
but run your own life and let them all walk
if you meet special friends on the way
respect and enjoy them don’t force them to stay

choices in life are harder to make
if you confuse the real from the fake
decide for yourself, relax and you’ll find
in time you will see, you are in your right mind.

March 1983

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