The Choice

what would life be worth at all
without a choice to rise or fall

in or out, day or night
love or hate, peace or fight

give or take, hot or cold
thin or fat, young or old

smart or dumb, slow or fast
wet or dry, first or last

would we know what’s right from wrong
would we all feel weak or strong

sad or happy, more or less
smooth or rough, cursed or blessed

straight or crooked, here or there
near or far, plain or rare

black or white, quiet or loud
sharp or dull, shamed or proud

tell me friends what would it be?
if I were you and you were me?

the choice of life is live or die
are you really bold or shy?

can you see the reason now
or are you blind to truth somehow

believe me soon or its too late
learn to love and not to hate

take your love and give some more
be the richest of the poor


April 1983

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