That Which Is Essential

I really must tell you, its not easy to love
In a life full of hate, people push and they shove
To get to the top of some material hill
They stomp out emotions and sometimes they kill
Making their money for power or lust
They betray all promise and destroy all trust
Children will suffer, cry, even bleed
Because of the selfishness of this greed
Its easy to hate in a world full of pain
no one can see why its all so insane
But life is a balance of equal desire
it takes only love to smother hate’s fire
We have a choice to give and to take
A future of hope is what is at stake
Its a struggle to make it from just day to day
It takes strength and some courage to not run away
But deep in the mind is the power to heal
Much stronger than any evil could steal
What most of us really need is to share
The love that exists in spite of despair
It is the toughest of those who love in this life
Despite all the sickness and grief and the strife
Nature is harsh enough all alone
Without pointing a finger or casting a stone
So if you are lucky enough to endure
Remember that love is the only real cure
Of all of the virtues people possess
Love is the easiest lost in a mess
Have faith in yourself and look for the truth
Reality is more that a tooth for a tooth
It so often takes more strength to forgive
There is nothing weak about live and let live
Each person has their own right to be free
This includes you and its easy to see
Not everyone always plays by the rules
Love is not taught in four sided schools
It has to be learned by sharing respect
It can’t be demanded by impatient neglect
Love is the tenderness of a touch
Understanding life is often too much
Hero’s don’t always fight wars of win games
They’re just simple people who love without shame.

JMD 11-17-1993

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