Shadow of the Stars

On earth once dark like outer space
is life we call the human race
as stars will Nova so did man
spreading life across the land

He relayed emotion with his face
breathed sounds with equal ease and grace
special feelings came as song
music rang out raw but strong

some realized it soothed their fears
they clapped and stomped out shouts and cheers
drums and flutes of reed were made
guitars invented, songs were played

no one sensed they should beware
as music filled the silent air
but nature’s balance is harsh and real
she’ll leave her scars that time must heal

yet man contends with his own mind
sometimes violent sometimes kind
the scars of life become our past
if time won’t heal they last and last

some men weaken, others fall
to guns and drugs and alcohol
maddened thoughts and troubled hearts
tear our peaceful world apart

on city streets the insane roam
in any bar or any home
still man has power to fight back
with screaming sound and multi-tracks

Music calms the wild beast
turning nightmares into feasts
Jimmy Hendrix, John and Paul
Morrison, Bonzo, Page and all

are stars that shine light in our eyes
with songs of passion not of lies
their sweet emotions ease the pain
and give the gift of peace again

I’ll rock and roll until I’m gone
let the music live on and on
I’ll spread their music wide and far
for I’m a Shadow of the Stars

December 1982

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