Touched By Life

Forgive my not having strength in my heart, to properly introduce you
The process of dying is such a fine art, I never quite know what to do
Despite years of training and time in the field, words will often not form
To help you prepare for what time hasn’t healed, so your family can weather this storm
Foolishly wondering why I can’t believe, that there should be some other way
Carefully planning a way to relieve your pain and stress just for one day
Thank you my sweet friend for your wonderful smile, the day you were leaving for home
Your courage and faith during life’s greatest trial, Inspire the tears in this poem
Knowing your family all of these years, has the very best mother and wife
Supports all your friends and calms all our fears, It’s an honor to be touched by your life

JMD 5-16-2013

My Rage

Hollow life in a desperate state, leaving love far behind.
Filling hope with a distant space, holding out for all time.

Wishing Well’s full of poison now, threw passion into the sky.
Whether or not see a point to it all, makes no difference when we all cry.

Tragic faith to the truthful soul, foster strength deep inside.
Wander the desert searching your heart, lost to insanity’s pride.

Forever hunting an oasis in hell, to sooth emotion’s barrage.
Blind stumbling panic when you find out, the Oasis was just a Mirage.

9-3-13 JMD