Fate Line

Confident experienced, yet sittin’ home alone
Friday Blues, what’s ta lose,
try the telephone.

Dial 1, just for fun, the classified menu
A simple fee, no loves for free,
there’s someone just for you.

Date-line Fate-line, faceless fantasy
just your number and your name,
your dreams of ecstasy

Date-line Fate-line, 50 words or less.
Who could tell, you’ve hid so well,
the voice of lonliness?

Confident, experienced,
still reachin’ for the phone.
Lay your heart out on the line
In the Twilight Zone.

JMD 8/16/87

It’s OK To Believe

Today I got a message, They didn’t leave a name
It doesn’t really matter, but I’m curious all the same
It only last a moment, before the tiny beep
Phone a ringing dreamily as I lay sound asleep

I stumble to the telephone and hit star sixty-nine
But all I heard was static, coming from the line
The words my mystery caller, so urgently did leave
In symphonic harmony said, “It’s OK to Believe”

It’s OK to laugh, It’s OK to cry
It’s OK to wonder, if it’s OK to die
It’s OK to give, It’s OK to receive
It’s OK to live, It’s OK to Believe

I’ve laughed about the sunshine, cried about the rain
Asked of my creator why the end has so much pain
I’ve handed out my wisdom, and taken it in stride
I’ve loved the life I’m living with a touch of too much pride

I’ve felt the joy of heaven, fear the gates of Hell
Struggled with the lesson surely time will only tell
I’ve reached out to the limit, tested all I see
Trying so hard to believe that God is calling me

JMD 2-19-1997

Courage To Ride

You flashed your smile, cow slippers and all
I instantly joined you, we walked down the hall

Friendship, sincerity, simple and pure
Together we hoped, we prayed for the cure

Celebrating life, sharing your dream
We danced, laughed and played, in cake and icing

Blessed with a beauty inside of your soul
Giving your love, was your only goal

Strength and endurance, as not before shown
You sat tall in the saddle, to face the unknown

Proudly commanding, riding your best
Recognized by all as “Our Special Guest”

Honored today by God’s gentle touch
We want you to know that we love you so much

You gave us all memories we’ll cherish inside
That the Rodeo of life takes “Courage To Ride”


In loving memory of Gertie, my “Cowgirl”.

That Which Is Essential

I really must tell you, its not easy to love
In a life full of hate, people push and they shove
To get to the top of some material hill
They stomp out emotions and sometimes they kill
Making their money for power or lust
They betray all promise and destroy all trust
Children will suffer, cry, even bleed
Because of the selfishness of this greed
Its easy to hate in a world full of pain
no one can see why its all so insane
But life is a balance of equal desire
it takes only love to smother hate’s fire
We have a choice to give and to take
A future of hope is what is at stake
Its a struggle to make it from just day to day
It takes strength and some courage to not run away
But deep in the mind is the power to heal
Much stronger than any evil could steal
What most of us really need is to share
The love that exists in spite of despair
It is the toughest of those who love in this life
Despite all the sickness and grief and the strife
Nature is harsh enough all alone
Without pointing a finger or casting a stone
So if you are lucky enough to endure
Remember that love is the only real cure
Of all of the virtues people possess
Love is the easiest lost in a mess
Have faith in yourself and look for the truth
Reality is more that a tooth for a tooth
It so often takes more strength to forgive
There is nothing weak about live and let live
Each person has their own right to be free
This includes you and its easy to see
Not everyone always plays by the rules
Love is not taught in four sided schools
It has to be learned by sharing respect
It can’t be demanded by impatient neglect
Love is the tenderness of a touch
Understanding life is often too much
Hero’s don’t always fight wars of win games
They’re just simple people who love without shame.

JMD 11-17-1993

All I Didn’t Say

I met her in the moonlight
waterfall surprise
we laughed into the morning
intimate sunrise

Genie of my wishes
once only in my mind
now hand in hand together
dreams, one of a kind

we planned into tomorrow
to love just for today
and share each precious moment
in every special way

days turned to forever
it’s been almost a year
her tender voice is calling
wanting me to hear

she hopes that soon we’ll marry
share a life of joy
in her hands she’s hinting
with a newborn baby toy

her eyes alive with laughter
aglow of hopes and dreams
she asks me “What’s the matter?”
I say “oh nothing, it just seems”

then tears began to glisten
out behind my Kool-Ray shades
somehow I’ve got to tell her
I think I may have AIDS

a cool breeze now is blowing
tiny wisps of golden hair
across her fading smile
beneath her frozen stare

April 25th, 1990


I tried whiskey, LSD
shootin ludes and smokin tea
never liked reality
it made me look at what I’d see

found it fun to tell you lies
try and hide from truthful eyes
be the master of disguise
king of phony alibis

so I sit all in control
of nothing but an empty soul
buried deep within a hole
filled with hate and empty goals

help me now to do my best
to change the cold heart in my chest
they say love will do the rest
if your willing to be blessed

no religion to understand
no insistent high command
no inhuman like demands
just a silent helping hand

I only hope to rise above
this endless war of push and shove
free to fly, free as a dove
Source Of Unconditioned Love


April 8th, 1990

Pain of Pleasure

Welcome to the planet Earth
who’d you find there at your birth
was it Mom and Dad all proud
or just some strange unfriendly crowd

were you fed, and loved, and warm
dry and sheltered from the storm
maybe born into the rich
or has your life just been a bitch?

do you know about the love
coming from some where above
does your life seem so complete
or are you struggling with defeat

welcome to reality
how do you like the world you see
does it seem that life is rough
don’t you think you’re tough enough

have you learned to take the pain
by putting drugs into your brain
feeling good may be real nice
but all abuse will have a price

insanity, or jail, or death
misery with every breath
and when your phony rush is gone
you’ll still be you as life goes on

May 3rd, 1990

Chimney Rock

Those gently flowing memories
softened in cool summer breeze
on earth’s beauty nature walk
tree-top level Chimney Rock

Dare to stand out on it’s ledge
push life’s margin to the edge
below the softly pulsing stream
lulls you to that perfect dream

deep within your very soul
urge to live your life time goal
inspired from this lovely place
reality glowing in your face

listen to the feathered song
the hills and trees all sing along
sunset’s dreamers time to go
sunrise brings another show


June 28th 1998

Shadow of the Stars

On earth once dark like outer space
is life we call the human race
as stars will Nova so did man
spreading life across the land

He relayed emotion with his face
breathed sounds with equal ease and grace
special feelings came as song
music rang out raw but strong

some realized it soothed their fears
they clapped and stomped out shouts and cheers
drums and flutes of reed were made
guitars invented, songs were played

no one sensed they should beware
as music filled the silent air
but nature’s balance is harsh and real
she’ll leave her scars that time must heal

yet man contends with his own mind
sometimes violent sometimes kind
the scars of life become our past
if time won’t heal they last and last

some men weaken, others fall
to guns and drugs and alcohol
maddened thoughts and troubled hearts
tear our peaceful world apart

on city streets the insane roam
in any bar or any home
still man has power to fight back
with screaming sound and multi-tracks

Music calms the wild beast
turning nightmares into feasts
Jimmy Hendrix, John and Paul
Morrison, Bonzo, Page and all

are stars that shine light in our eyes
with songs of passion not of lies
their sweet emotions ease the pain
and give the gift of peace again

I’ll rock and roll until I’m gone
let the music live on and on
I’ll spread their music wide and far
for I’m a Shadow of the Stars

December 1982

Free Times Two

I’ve been a friend for so long
that I’ll send you this song
come along, walk with me
won’t you share my fantasy

understand that I’m free
tho sometimes I’d rather be
with you now, don’t you see
or just pretend that you agree

Our times always leaping
our lives never sleeping
our loves always weeping

our children confined and controlled in a world of

time always leaping
their lives never sleeping
their loves always weeping

I’ve been around, been left down
been a clown, still I found
what I need to survive
are future goals to which I strive

so walk with me, lets be free
we’ll chase our dreams we hope will be
don’t look back when you’re gone
they say that life goes on and on

Out times always leaping
our lives never sleeping
our loves always weeping
our children confined and controlled in a world of

time always leaping
their lives never sleeping
their loves always weeping

September 1982