I have this friend of mine
she’s so pretty, she’s so kind
when we kiss, she blows my mind
blond-haired and beautiful, she’s just my kind.

She said you better go
I said, “Hey they’ll never know”
She said “Someday maybe, time will tell”
then she locked the door and I said, oh hell.

Why, Lord, must it be?
Why, Lord, can’t she see?

Walked on home, try to sleep
sometimes dreams’ll be so sweet.
My luck seemed to turn them sour
what I needs a nice cold shower.

Now I’m waterlogged and shivering cold
tried my best, she can’t be sold.
Week ends coming, I’ll try again
Someday maybe, don’t know when.

Why, Lord, must it be?
Why, Lord, can’t she see?

Sunday came, I’m still alone
next time think I’ll just stay home.
Spent all my money, wrecked my car,
staggered home from bar to bar.

So I’ll just sing my song
pray to God it won’t be long.
I have patience, you will see
I’ve learned that love’s what sets me free.

Why must it be?
Why can’t she see?
Why, Lord, must it be?
I know somewhere there’s a girl for me

JMD 1/83

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