Pain of Pleasure

Welcome to the planet Earth
who’d you find there at your birth
was it Mom and Dad all proud
or just some strange unfriendly crowd

were you fed, and loved, and warm
dry and sheltered from the storm
maybe born into the rich
or has your life just been a bitch?

do you know about the love
coming from some where above
does your life seem so complete
or are you struggling with defeat

welcome to reality
how do you like the world you see
does it seem that life is rough
don’t you think you’re tough enough

have you learned to take the pain
by putting drugs into your brain
feeling good may be real nice
but all abuse will have a price

insanity, or jail, or death
misery with every breath
and when your phony rush is gone
you’ll still be you as life goes on

May 3rd, 1990

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