It’s OK To Believe

Today I got a message, They didn’t leave a name
It doesn’t really matter, but I’m curious all the same
It only last a moment, before the tiny beep
Phone a ringing dreamily as I lay sound asleep

I stumble to the telephone and hit star sixty-nine
But all I heard was static, coming from the line
The words my mystery caller, so urgently did leave
In symphonic harmony said, “It’s OK to Believe”

It’s OK to laugh, It’s OK to cry
It’s OK to wonder, if it’s OK to die
It’s OK to give, It’s OK to receive
It’s OK to live, It’s OK to Believe

I’ve laughed about the sunshine, cried about the rain
Asked of my creator why the end has so much pain
I’ve handed out my wisdom, and taken it in stride
I’ve loved the life I’m living with a touch of too much pride

I’ve felt the joy of heaven, fear the gates of Hell
Struggled with the lesson surely time will only tell
I’ve reached out to the limit, tested all I see
Trying so hard to believe that God is calling me

JMD 2-19-1997

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