I-17 north I-40 east

Lost my girl, then our truck, no car no job, just plain stuck
took a cold hard look around, guess it’s Pennsylvania bound
Have to thumb-it to get home, but didn’t want to go alone
KDKB played some deal “rides, to help out at the wheel

Some guy going to Maryland, we met then went to Casa Grande
just to party, then say goodbye, just two wild crazy guys
before we left we both got sloshed, and wrecked his car in a 10ft wash
December 5th 73′ Northbound, Glenn, his dog, and me.

Thumbed-it up I-17, Phoenix cops can sure be mean
spent all day along the road. “Stay on the ramps” is what we was told
Still no ride and hour by hour, we got colder and our spirits got sour
someone finally gave us a ride, but a pickup’s bed sure cold outside

Got below freezing up Flagstaff way, Glenn gave his puppy dog away
one ride gave me a coat old and worn, bought us dinner then he was gone
all we had was a couple a bills, dog biscuits, smokes, shivers and chills
hit I-40 East and stood in snow, 10 PM no where to go

I said “Glenn, this is really nice, saw my spit just turn to ice”
getting late, few cars go past, didn’t think we’d ever last
in the woods off the road a space, found some overgrown concrete base
made a fire in a circle of rocks, had some chairs using cinder blocks

plenty of wood for our friendly fire, took turns hitchin while the moon got higher
another hitcher out on our ramp, invited him to the warmth of camp
he had a guitar and a big back pack, all we had was on out back
he gave us candy and beef jerky stick, got his guitar and played a lick

he played a harp and sang a song, gave the harp to me and said “Jam along”
we talked and laughed and jammed awhile, knew that is living hobo style
we made hot water by meltin snow, drank cup-o-soup, watched the fire glow
back to hitchin Dave stopped a truck, only room for 1 Ol’ Dave’s in luck

He gave me that harp and said “Take care” He’ll never know what he inspired there
an hour later Glenn stopped a bug, we climbed in the back all warm and snug
going to Albuquerque they say, be there by noon or so that day
we got high and laughed and screamed, life on the road, what a scene

Driver bought us lunch in New Mexico, place called Gallups all I know
4 guys 2 packs and a big suitcase, crammed into that bug no extra space
But when we hit Albuquerque city lights, there stood Dave from the fire last night
Glenn and I hollered, yelled and screamed, now all 5 packed like big sardines

In Oklahome we all parted friends, Glenn and I roadside again
we got lost that night on Will Roger’s Turnpike, ran through Okmeggee, afraid to hitchhike
Third day now and pretty grim, rides were gettin mighty slim
I played that harp all inspired, Glenn was sick of it and he was wired

By the forth day he said he’d split “cause you can’t play you might as well quit”
In Arkansas we hit it pretty rough, night was freezin rides was tough
my thumb was frozen in the hiker’s pose, we kept walkin and slowly froze
off the road we saw a light, thought we’d ask to spend the night

turned out to be some little store, we huddled glad to be indoors
then three big dudes come drivin in, they looked to me as mean as sin
Glenn asked if they had a room, I thought he led us to our doom
They loaded us into their truck, headed west I said “I think we are f—ed

they turned off the freeway into the hills, I thought, nice place to be buried after I been killed
soon they pulled up to a trailer lot, stopped their truck in the parking spot
they said “come on in and grab some grub, and then wash up in a hot bathtub”
they cooked hot steaks and spuds and beans, gave us beer and washed our jeans

they treated us like we were kings, then let us sleep on real bed springs
said they were lumberjacks by trade, living there and saved most what they made
just three southern good old boys, gettin drunk and makin noise
we all just got mighty ripped, they listened to stories of our trip

Next day breakfast, hot bacon & eggs, we filled our bellies and stretched our legs
they scraped together ten bucks cash, dropped us off and gone in a flash
I’d been sure they’d do us harm, but all we got was Southern Charm
On the road we got a ride, to Nashville Tennessee again roadside

6th day and still in Tennessee, radio announced a concert I wanted to see
Glenn said “I don’t care” but Alice Cooper was playing there!
He left me standing there alone, “I’m going to Maryland, I am going home”
I walked into Nashville, went downtown, bummed some smokes and hung around

The concert crowd started coming in. I just watched them, smoked and grinned
I found the Grand Ole Opry there, sat on the steps out front in the cold noon air
I played my new harp to the city crowds, played with passion, proud & loud
Now and then I’d panhandle a dime from some soul passing by in line

This guy came over and said “come over here” another harp player was jammin near
we played together and had a blast, jammed on the street while the traffic passed
some gave us quarters and others halves, we jammed and danced and clapped and laughed
before an hour out in that street, I made enough for a front row seat

Met a brother in the concert hall, we hung out and had a ball.
what a a show it was that night, I felt so good it all seemed right
after the show my friend and I, hit the streets in the dark night sky
he took me down into his hood, He said “Stick close to me for your own good.”

We shot pool at a local dive, I could sense that whites here just don’t jive
Dan said “Just don’t look nobody in the eye. Just be cool and don’t ask why.”
next day Dan split on a bus, on the floor of the bus station I slept in the dust
he was on leave and had to be back, the ticket cost him all his jack

I lay on the restroom floor in a stall, had crawled under the door, no cash at all
woke up and walked out on the street, felt the blisters on my feet
I had one more smoke left in my pack, a nicky monkey on my back
I asked a black guy walking near if he had a light for my smoke here

As I reached to get the smoke, he pulled a knife, this was no joke
but when he saw what was in my hand, he laughed said “Thought you’z packin man”
I tried to crash in a restaurant there, fell asleep in a big lounge chair
“I’ll have you arrested if I see you anymore, said the owner as I was pushed out the door

I sat again on the Opry stairs, playin my harp without any cares
now that I’m older with time on the run, I think of the crazy things that I’ve done
I’ve survived for a reason, this may be true, now I love life with all that I do
now I am home and thankful my friend, to have hope in my life and love till the end.


October 26th 1996

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