Gitar Man

This is the story of the gitar man
passing his time in his gitar band
though he seemed happy, life seemed so grand
he was blue, what could he do

troubled by pressures in a tough world
seeking the pleasures of things that he heard
wanting more money, that was the word
he felt shrewd, he was crude

pinching those pennies, make a quick buck
cashed in a lifetime, stretched all his luck
showing no mercy, who gives a fuck
he was no fun, unless he won

but its a cold world and times still got rough
he cashed in again and said “That is enough”
so beg steal and borrow, he proved he was tough
with his gun, what had he done?

Remember this story of the gitar man
who stalled in the fast lane of one night stands
he lives with a needle and gun in his hands
and he hides, deep inside

so take all your chances, like all the rest
live for the moment, give it your best
time is the question, life is the test
don’t be shy, don’t ask why

January 1983

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