Fifteen Ta Fifty

15 ta 50, too soon it can’t be
Time passed so quickly I didn’t see
Dreams of the future, now memories past
Lifetime ambitions, disappear fast

15 ta 50, its suddenly clear
Youthfulness fading, death drawing near
Will I be healthy? Will I succeed?
Will I be lonely, in desperate need

15 ta 50, the Ole Final Stand
Somehow its not at all like I’d planned
where are my savings? House on the hill?
No education? technique? skill?

15 ta 50, Crisis, Midlife
Crossroads confusion, personal strife
This is my last chance, to do or to die
Wishing won’t help, no wondering ,Why?

15 ta 50, its not so bad
I’ve still got hope, I’m happy, not sad
Interesting choices, freedom to grow
another transition to learn and to know

15 ta 50, beginning to end
or end to beginning to just comprehend
Life is a pattern of change we go through
Accept with hope, and love all you do

May 19 1990

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