Extremer the Dreamer

t’s an emotional challenge to figure life out
so believe in yourself and live without doubt
rewards of the body reflect in your mind
neglect your own needs and know what you’ll find?

Extremer the Dreamer, he’ll live in your heart
He says this, “Don’t do that, stop, go, no now be smart
Love but hate, now it’s to late, so you will pay
Cry while you laugh in the night of the day”

Now that you see why you’re in control
live your own life, follow no role
acting deceives not only who see
but also the actor, despite who it be

Extremer the Dreamer can play any part
his home is the weak spot inside of your heart
given a chance he’ll go all the way
he knows what you like, but someday he’ll say

“Come won’t you dream, be extreme, till you scream
you’re not yourself, your lost in my stream
I know what you want but I’ll make it seem
like a dream so extreme you won’t see what I mean”

Extremer the Dreamer, he’ll live in your heart
don’t do that, stop, go, no, thought you were smart
now you can’t love or hate, make up your mind
neglect your own feelings I know what you’ll find


January 1983 JMD

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