Dear Reality

Dear Reality,

You SUCK. I once read “Reality often stinks.”, but I am saying that you don’t just stink … You SUCK!

Please allow me to tell you why. And this involves your whole family, not just you, so please do not take offense too quickly. I realize that your Father Time and Mother Earth have provided us with a wonderful place to pursue our dreams. Your Aunt Cliché and Uncle Blame have more than tried to summarize, identify, and categorize the complications life involves. But, quite honestly, if it were not for your Cousins Faith and Hope, things would seem depressingly negative.

Despite the best efforts of some of the most compassionate hearts and intellectual minds, there is still much conflict, hate, and unrest in our world; which, must I remind you, only exists because of you. It seems to me that many of the problems started between your twin siblings, Truth & Lies. Initially it was easy to tell them apart. But lately there has been so much happening that it is almost impossible to tell one from the other.
Maybe you should consider changing your name to Fantasy. That way you have no responsibility to present facts about anything. You can just sit back and collect your dues that you know damn well we all must pay.

I have considered trying to hire an attorney to take you to a higher court but clearly you have control of all the power. No amount of desire can overcome the strength hate builds even as your other Aunt Nature sits there day after day and preaches balance. Like that matters to those in misery. There is no balance that I can see. None I can find any more worthy of questioning than why one snowflake is different from another.
And lastly, what ever happened to Grandpa Love and Grandma Peace? This world would be so much better if they came around again.

Sorry if I seem upset, it was just a bad morning for me. I woke up from a nightmare: I was watching helplessly as the rich were amusing themselves at the expense of the weak, poor, and ignorant. As if they deserved the worst you could offer just for being born. Ha, thank God that was only a dream huh?

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