Court of Emotion

Order, Order, do you swear
to tell the truth, if you dare
So help ye God.

Before the judge, bow ye low
yer charged with murder, of a soul
So help ye God

Exhibit A, a selfish thought,
infects a childs mind to rot,
Exhibit B, face of fear
replace the joy of life with tears.

Guilty Sire, of selfishness
rule of hate, not tenderness
Sentence him without appeal
with the Devil, do not deal

Please Your Highness, woe is me
’twas the work of misery
all I’ve learnt, all I know
caused the murder of that soul

Evidence to me is clear
wisdom spoke, you would not hear
By the Order of the Court
yer chance for love I now abort
So help ye God

October 3, 1989

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