Courage To Ride

You flashed your smile, cow slippers and all
I instantly joined you, we walked down the hall

Friendship, sincerity, simple and pure
Together we hoped, we prayed for the cure

Celebrating life, sharing your dream
We danced, laughed and played, in cake and icing

Blessed with a beauty inside of your soul
Giving your love, was your only goal

Strength and endurance, as not before shown
You sat tall in the saddle, to face the unknown

Proudly commanding, riding your best
Recognized by all as “Our Special Guest”

Honored today by God’s gentle touch
We want you to know that we love you so much

You gave us all memories we’ll cherish inside
That the Rodeo of life takes “Courage To Ride”


In loving memory of Gertie, my “Cowgirl”.

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