All I Didn’t Say

I met her in the moonlight
waterfall surprise
we laughed into the morning
intimate sunrise

Genie of my wishes
once only in my mind
now hand in hand together
dreams, one of a kind

we planned into tomorrow
to love just for today
and share each precious moment
in every special way

days turned to forever
it’s been almost a year
her tender voice is calling
wanting me to hear

she hopes that soon we’ll marry
share a life of joy
in her hands she’s hinting
with a newborn baby toy

her eyes alive with laughter
aglow of hopes and dreams
she asks me “What’s the matter?”
I say “oh nothing, it just seems”

then tears began to glisten
out behind my Kool-Ray shades
somehow I’ve got to tell her
I think I may have AIDS

a cool breeze now is blowing
tiny wisps of golden hair
across her fading smile
beneath her frozen stare

April 25th, 1990

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