Wild Abandon

des1Thank you for taking the time to visit. 🙂

Music has been a therapy for me over the past 50 plus years, not only has it been an inspiration and source of respite, but also has allowed me freedom of emotional expression words could not.

But I have never really been a Full time musician, as so many I have known and admired. 

My life can be summed up in a few short lines ~

10 Years pouring Sweat – factories, construction laborer

15 Years pouring Steel – overhead bridge crane operator in steel mills both in Northeast & Southwest USA

26 Years pouring Meds – working my way up from CNA to LPN and in 2002, RN with 10+ years in hospice 

Music was there at the beginning ~ and will be with me until the end  

Working with Hospice as an RN for over a decade has filled my heart with an appreciation of love, life and examples of courage from the most unlikely sources.

In memory of all those who have gently touched my soul ~ I will never forget

For all those who have always encouraged me and endured me ~ my endless thanks!desifalls2