Someday, there will be additional songs, song lyrics, poems, stories, blogs and thoughts posted here. Time is fast approaching for a higher loyalty to my music, more time in the studio, more time composing new material, more time to…? But, we all know, there may never be, “more time”. 

In recognition of this reality, my current library is scattered in multiple locations, and at various stages of completion. First, is to list them in the sequence of how they have been written, going as far back as 1975. 

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Simple Needs

Life’s routine, the daily scene
The clock, the job, the car
Endless lines, the pointless minds
Look at where we are
Whats gone wrong, night’s too long
Days are speeding past
Wonder why, we sometimes cry
how can we ever last
Simple Needs, those special needs
something like a dream
Lasts a while, makes you smile
So simple, yet so extreme
But look around, whats lost is found
We’er surely not alone
For misery, loves company
there’s always someone home
Life’s routine, the daily scene
the ritual never ends
Yet bearable, thanks to the soul
and talents of a friend
JMD- 9-7-1987

Children of the Lonely

I don’t know how to say this, I can’t seem to find the words

Time slipped between us, we’ve lived in separate worlds

Somehow we’ve survived, heads held high in the sky

Somewhere there’s an answer, I see the question in your eyes

Let’s just           get together

Let’s not           cry forever

We are             not the only

Children           of the lonely

Some hopeless love affair-Crying it’s not fair-Sleepless night’s despair

Wondering who’s to blame-living with the shame-life’s just not the same

Somehow we’ve survived, heads held high in the sky

Somewhere there’s an answer, see the questions in my eyes

I think that you see now,I hope you will know

Time slipped between us, now it’s time to grow

Let’s just           get together

Let’s not           cry forever

We are             not the only

Children           of the lonely


7-17-1983 for my little sister Penny




Dear Reality

Dear Reality,

You SUCK. I once read “Reality often stinks.”, but I am saying that you don’t just stink … You SUCK!

Please allow me to tell you why. And this involves your whole family, not just you, so please do not take offense too quickly. I realize that your Father Time and Mother Earth have provided us with a wonderful place to pursue our dreams. Your Aunt Cliché and Uncle Blame have more than tried to summarize, identify, and categorize the complications life involves. But, quite honestly, if it were not for your Cousins Faith and Hope, things would seem depressingly negative.

Despite the best efforts of some of the most compassionate hearts and intellectual minds, there is still much conflict, hate, and unrest in our world; which, must I remind you, only exists because of you. It seems to me that many of the problems started between your twin siblings, Truth & Lies. Initially it was easy to tell them apart. But lately there has been so much happening that it is almost impossible to tell one from the other.
Maybe you should consider changing your name to Fantasy. That way you have no responsibility to present facts about anything. You can just sit back and collect your dues that you know damn well we all must pay.

I have considered trying to hire an attorney to take you to a higher court but clearly you have control of all the power. No amount of desire can overcome the strength hate builds even as your other Aunt Nature sits there day after day and preaches balance. Like that matters to those in misery. There is no balance that I can see. None I can find any more worthy of questioning than why one snowflake is different from another.
And lastly, what ever happened to Grandpa Love and Grandma Peace? This world would be so much better if they came around again.

Sorry if I seem upset, it was just a bad morning for me. I woke up from a nightmare: I was watching helplessly as the rich were amusing themselves at the expense of the weak, poor, and ignorant. As if they deserved the worst you could offer just for being born. Ha, thank God that was only a dream huh?

Say What?

Most can hear, but few listen
Many speak, mere pointless groans
Some lose Hope, Lost forgotten
Bank of Time, makes no loans

What would you say to every ear
turned heads looking all your way
offer kindness love, or hate & fear?
to some a question, some clear as day

Thanks to all for giving time
growing close in unity
there isn’t many in that line
sad nature of humanity


Playing guitar so much it makes me feel so good it hurts so much so I keep

playing guitar so much it makes me feel so good it hurts so much so I keep

playing guitar so much it makes me feel so good it hurts so much so I keep

playing guitar so much it makes me feel so good it hurts so much so I keep

playing guitar….

By The Blues

By The Blues

Talking with my fret board, so many ways to say
All the hurt and pain of life, with us every day
Bringing home the money, tryin to get by
Smile hiding pain but, all the breaking hearts still cry

All it takes is seeing all, the suffering that’s around
Is most caused by you and me, to that fate are we bound
If you were the president, or king or priest or clown
could you ask forgiveness, speak truth or be profound

Don’t need to be no blind man, Don’t need to be abused
Don’t need to be a prisoner , To be stricken by the blues

Anger is a warning that, not all of life is fair
Some steal and hate and complicate, pretending that they care
Just remember inside all of us, is one remaining dream
All hope for love for better life, is working as a team

So listen is your self-talk, warm n soft or hard n cold
We are the change we all need, so I have been told
What else do you want, me to say what can I do
The music deep inside of me is just as much in you

Don’t need to be no blind man, Don’t need to be abused
Don’t need to be a prisoner , To be stricken by the blues

JMD 5-12-17

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Grass Is Always Greener

The Grass is always Greener….

This phrase is one of many old adages expressing how the reality of something is really quite different than what you may have initially expected. A list of examples is unnecessary in this case as I am sure most everyone can come up with quite a few on their own.

The point, however, is expressly different.

Imagine what you think your death will be like. Will it be at home? Will you be surrounded by loving family, friends and cherished memories of your long and prosperous life? Will you be at peace with yourself? Will you be warm and comfortable in a soft cozy bed? Will there be the sweet fragrant aroma of incense permeating the air and tranquil melodies floating between hushed whispers of thanks and gratitude? Will you feel a growing excitement at joining the billions of other souls who have made this unique journey to a better place?

What wonderful ideas, right?

The reality of death is not quite so pretty for many people. Far from the above descriptions of how things could be are the actual ways many people face their last moments on earth.

My life experience including 10 plus years working Hospice (23 total years in nursing) have led me to this place today. A place where I am trying to help everyone understand that the above desires for end-of-life experiences are only possible with conscientious effort, planning and above all else CONVERSATIONS with others.

Too many people suffer needlessly at the hands of a system designed to keep people alive “no matter what.” Mechanical interventions replace natural processes. Legal checklists become substitutes for conversations and making real choices. Heathcare algorithm “clickfests” take the place of tender touch and genuine human interaction. These “interventions” are manipulating dying and death into becoming situations of cold, sterile, expensive states of suspended animation in order to wring every last breath out of a body long overdue for its final “resting place.”

Does this sound too harsh? Maybe an acronym to lessen the intensity of suffering? What could we call a system focused on longevity and not quality of life? What could be appropriate in our acronym-infested healthcare system? I know! Let’s call it,

S-ervices, A-gainst, D-eath … and what it really is: SAD!

Do not misinterpret my compassion for minimizing suffering as a fatalistic wish to end all happiness by “killing” everyone before their time. Such an assumption could possibly give strength to what pushes death even further into the abyss of denial.

There are wonders of technology and dedicated people everywhere that can save lives. The resources are almost limitless in both material effort and will when saving lives. When there is an opportunity, we almost all rush to the aide of anyone in distress.

But isn’t dying simply just life at its most amplified state? Isn’t everyone’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual culmination of lifetime energy at its most powerful when people are dying? Why is it that the one moment in life – that we get no other chance at repeating – is stripped of resources when they are most needed?

What I support is a preservation of that kindness and love we seek. While still capable and healthy, there is still time to offer a greater acceptance of dying and recognize it as the catalyst from which all appreciation of life began. When we can accept our limited existence, it intensifies each moment and delivers the “spirit” of living as no other act can. We can then set aside our fears and embrace the loss of a loved one with a renewed understanding of how important this end time is.

We have tossed death into the cold, damp corner of our minds where we hope we will never need to go again. We label our relief at not having been struck by lightning as good luck or the Grace of God, and some say we have “survivor’s guilt.” We feel even more relief to be alive.

We can learn to die better in this world. There are exceptions, for sure: trauma, sudden onset of disease, and the hateful violence of some people. But for the majority of human existence, there is a natural compassion and concern to help one another.

Consider the shape of our life to look more like an hour glass instead of a funnel. Instead of narrowing options and resources as we circle nearer the tapered end there is an acceptance and an expansion of personal options once we pass through that point where quality of life reigns over quantity of days. We are embraced and comforted approaching the natural end of our life. Please have meaningful conversations with your family friends and loved ones about how you would want to die. Do not look across the fence of death and think that the grass will be any greener, less complicated or less problematic than the reality you live in here.

Voices Inside

when you’re alone, is there a time
when you are feeling you’re out of your mind
don’t be afraid friend, someday you’ll know
voices inside of your head come and go

sometimes they’ll warn you of things that are wrong
or maybe they’ll tell you where you belong
ask them a question, they never reply
because they’re your own mind asking you why

why do you punish yourself when you see
that you’re only human, perfection can’t be
mistakes teach a lesson but don’t make you learn
you’re your own teacher, no one’s concern

Oh, they might make faces or laugh while they talk
but run your own life and let them all walk
if you meet special friends on the way
respect and enjoy them don’t force them to stay

choices in life are harder to make
if you confuse the real from the fake
decide for yourself, relax and you’ll find
in time you will see, you are in your right mind.

March 1983


Every time I sit alone
and think about the past
I find it hard to realize
some things can never last

Years of tears and lonely nights
have passed before my eyes
those memories of love gone by
keep burning up inside

But when I look into your eyes
they sparkle and they shine
the taste of love upon your lips
is the sweetest of all wines

You’ve shown the sorrow in my heart
the happiness it needs
and filled my soul right from the start
with loves own golden seeds

We’re living in a world I know
that’s full of hate and war
but without love the richest are
the poorest of the poor

Although our lives are full
of cruel and harsh reality
the richest are the poor of those
been hurt but let love be

May 1981